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Chasing the Possible Dream

by J. Mark Jordan
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In contemplating this book, I was determined to fill in the gaps for those who come behind me. Names, dates, places and happenings may seem unremarkable to those who are impacted by them and living through them. Often, people dismiss the facts as soon as they lose their importance or sense of urgency. That's the problem. The stuff that history is made of - culture, meaning, characters and events - infuse meaning into life. It is my conviction that the more I know about people in my life, the richer and fuller my life will be.

I sincerely hope that I will inspire others to write their stories. The things cast aside as insignificant may provide a foundation for the decisions their progeny may make and may motivate others to aspire to unprecedented heights. Don't pass off the scene without leaving a permanent mark on the world. - J. Mark Jordan