Compact & Thinline Bibles

A Thinline Bible is the perfect tool when you need a compact Bible to travel lightly for easy access while you are away from home. They are thinner, lighter, and easier to carry than the average study Bible. The thinline Bible from the Pentecostal Publishing House is a lightweight compact Bible that features thin paper, small margins, and small font—the perfect size to carry around with you. These features make it easier than ever for busy Christians who would like to continue their daily devotional time while they are on the go!
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Thinline Bible with Doctrinal Insert (KJV)
by: Word Aflame Press

Pentecostal Publishing House


Word Aflame Signature Bible with Doctrinal Insert
by: Word Aflame Press

Pentecostal Publishing House


You will love how lightweight a KJV Thinline Bible feels, and you may even find yourself using it as your “go to” Bible because of how portable it is. The Thinline Bible is perfect for anyone who enjoys sharing God’s Word without needing to carry around a bulky study Bible. This convenient Compact Bible is perfect for carrying with you to your next Bible Study or to your next church service. 

The Pentecostal Publishing House is pleased to offer four different Compact Bibles. The KJV Thinline Bible offers a beautiful presentation-quality premium leather cover and contains thirty-two pages of power-packed Oneness doctrine, a two-day Bible study, as well as excerpts from the Handbook of Basic Doctrines written by David Bernard, the General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International. 

A go-everywhere Thinline Bible is an essential tool for any Christian ready to share the gospel. Our one-of-a-kind KJV Thinline Bible is gorgeously simple and extremely versatile. 

Our compact Bible features: 

  • Genuine leather cover
  • Words from Jesus in red
  • Ribbon marker
  • Easy-to-read type
  • Beautiful full-color maps to aid in your studies
  • A compact and lightweight design, measuring 5-3/8” x 8-5/8” X ¾”
  • A 32-page supplement of power-packed Oneness doctrine
  • A two-day Bible study
  • Excerpts from the Handbook of Basic Doctrines by Reverend David Bernard

With your Thinline Bible, you can easily continue your commitment to Bible reading while running everyday errands or travelling. You’ll soon discover that it fits nicely into any purse, bag, backpack, or even pocket! Now everyone can enjoy sharing their favorite passages without having to worry about the bulkiness of a larger Bible. There’s no need to be weighed down anymore while trying to study God’s Word. Order a KJV Thinline Bible from the Pentecostal Publishing House today!