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Apostolic Study Bible

The Apostolic Study Bible KJV was written exclusively by Oneness Pentecostal scholars who have dedicated their lives to studying the Apostolic message in-depth. This particular study Bible includes notes on every chapter; book introductions and outlines that call attention to key Apostolic insights as well as theme, authorship, dates, and more; and feature articles on key study topics. It also explains what it means to live an Apostolic lifestyle based on sound doctrine found only in the Scriptures themselves. We invite you to rediscover God’s Word with the help of a team of Oneness Apostolic Pentecostals who love to study the Bible as much as you do!

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Apostolic Study Bible Deluxe Edition Premium Leather
by: Word Aflame Press



Apostolic Study Bible Deluxe Edition Thumb Index Premium Leather
by: Word Aflame Press



It is no secret that the Apostolic Pentecostal movement is growing at an unprecedented pace today. At the forefront of this movement is the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI). Though there seems to be a commentary and special study Bible for every area of personal interest and need, a new generation of Apostolic Pentecostals has arisen who want to know more about their own faith and hear from the leaders within the UPCI organization during their personal study. 

The Word Aflame Apostolic Study Bible addresses this exact need. This special edition KJV Study Bible showcases a trove of information and notes that cover several areas important to Oneness believers. The commentary was written by leading UPCI teachers and preachers such as David K. Bernard, Daniel Seagraves, David Norris, and many more. These notes will help you understand Scripture better while increasing your confidence in understanding God’s Word from a Oneness perspective in your very own Apostolic Study Bible.