Radically Apostolic

by Charles G. Robinette
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The Reality, the Journey and the Reward of the Call of God!

Radically Apostolic isn't just a book that Charles Robinette has written; it is a life that he has lived, with his wonderful wife Stacey and their precious girls at his side. I encourage you to join them on the journey and to become all that God has called you to be.

-Pastor Raymond Woodward

Radically Apostolic tells a captivating story of fierce storms and astonishing destinations. For the Christian who might be feeling a holy discontent in the harbor, this book will serve as a map for your journey. My faith soared as I read this book. I pray yours will too.

-Pastor Aaron Soto

Brother Robinette stretches us all to see the infinite possibilities that come with being radically apostolic.

-Bishop Joel N. Holmes