Four Tamars: Searching for Meaning in Difficult Circumstances

by Tina Royer
Word Aflame Press
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What do you do when faced with the unthinkable?

How do you find hope in the darkness of overwhelming circumstances?

Tina Royer shares her story of walking that road and discovering that the Tamars of Scripture walked it too.

The first Tamar we encounter is a story of widowhood and neglect, the second Tamar is an assault survivor, and the third Tamar represents hope. Perhaps it is the fourth tamar, the reference to the strong tree of biblical times, that gives us the assurance that no matter the abuse and darkness of our past, God can transform us into a pillar of strength to help others.

The author writes, “Not everyone can relate to the type of darkness I went through. I know that. But there’s a chance you’re going to minister to people who’ve gone through worse. And God’s got to be able to trust you to look on them with love and compassion.” This book instills in us that compassion for helping others on their journey to becoming whole through God. Whether you are looking for hope in difficult circumstances or needing a resource to help you minister to someone who is going through such an experience, this book illustrates the healing that can take place when we put our trust in God.