Recurring Orders for Curriculum

To provide you the Apostolic teaching tools you trust in the convenience you need, Pentecostal Publishing House now offers recurring orders for curriculum. Following the instructions below, you can sign up for a recurring order so that your materials are shipped each quarter without you having to call or visit the website to place an order from scratch each time. 


Customers will set up an initial base order. If no adjustments are made before the cut-off dates each quarter, the base order will be sent to the address on file. If customers choose to adjust an order, they can do so at the PPH website before the cut-off dates indicated below. 

Please note that refunds are not permitted on recurring orders.


Ordering Instructions:

Subscription resources will have a “Subscription Only” add to cart button or a “Purchase Options” button.


Clicking “Purchase Options” will enable customers to select a one-time purchase or a subscription (indicated below as “Delivery every 90 Days”:


Select “Delivery every 90 Days” to add a subscription to your cart.

Once you complete your check out process, note the box to check before you can complete checkout:

Be sure to read and check the box. Once purchased a subscription can be cancelled to prevent recurring orders by logging into your account and clicking the “Manage Subscriptions” link.