Bible Reading Program

Are you looking for a new Bible reading plan? You’re not alone. Millions of people are searching online every day to find the best way to read the Bible. We know it can be hard to stay on track with your daily Bible reading plan, but we also know that there is an easier way! Our B.R.E.A.D. (Bible Reading Enriches Any Day) chart is a one year Bible reading plan that will help you get through all sixty-six books in one year and keep you accountable along the way. It’s simple, quick, and easy—just what everyone needs when they want to start their own personal journey through God’s Word!
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2024 BREAD Resource Kit (Digital)

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BREAD Bible- Chronological Order

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BREAD Church Log (Download)
by: Children's Ministries UPCI



by: Lori S. Wagner,Kara S. McCoy

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2024 Lectura de La Biblia Enriquece Cualquier Día - para adultos (50 licensias digitales)
by: Children's Ministries UPCI

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We offer a one year daily BREAD reading chart for both adults and children. The Bible reading charts include readings from both the Old Testament and New Testament each day so you can see how everything fits together as one big story.

And because these Bible reading plans are in chronological order rather than book order, it makes sense no matter where or when you start reading! Our Bible reading plans have been carefully crafted over many years by pastors and scholars using proven principles so that anyone can be successful in their daily BREAD reading. This is the perfect tool if you want more than just a simple list of verses. Shop our Bible Reading plans now and get started today!