Visitor Adult Welcome Cards - (25 count)

by Abingdon Press
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ISBN: 9781426735929
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Generous hospitality creates a warm and welcome environment for your visitors. Make visitors feel welcome and special! Use this full-color pew card to record visitor information.

The front of this perforated two-sided card features a full-color illustration of an inspiring vista of snow-capped mountains with trees in the foreground. The other side of this half features the words, 'Welcome Visitor. Welcome to our church! We’re glad you visited with us. We invite you to worship with us again. Please keep this part of the card as a remembrance of your visit to our church.'

One half of the reverse side includes the words 'Please detach this half of the card, fill in the information below, and place in the offering plate or hand to an usher. Thank you!' On the other side is a space for entering name, date, address, phone, name and address of visitor's church, guest of..., and one box to check if visitor would like a visit from the pastor and another box to check if visitor would like to become a member of the church.

Card measures 2 1/2' x 10' flat, folded to 2 1/2' x 5'; shrink wrapped packages of 25.