Until He Comes

by Carlton L. Coon Sr.
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The Lord’s Supper is one of the few things Jesus emphatically said, “Do!” We are to remember His blood and body. The practice of communion has implications for the spiritual depth, faith, praise and worship of a church. Communion is based on the Passover is meaningful.

Communion is based on the Passover. That is meaningful. Unfortunately, Passover may not be well taught. The cup of blessing and unleavened bread already had value to Jesus’ disciples. He changed the meaning. He increased the value. Learn more and teach it – teacher notes and student handout is ready to use.

Paul’s three uses of Communion in 1 Corinthians give a window into the way the early Gentile converts were taught about Communion and the Passover on which it was founded.

The four sermons on communion bring people to:

1) Remember
2) Be Introspective
3) Bless and Be Blessed
4) Celebrate