Trials and Triumphs

by LaJoyce Martin
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Some of the characters in this imbroglio you will like, and some you won't. But, hey, conflict is the name of the game! Here they are:

The old deacon: Deacon Marlow lives in his country homeplace near the village of Elmwood with his sister, his widowed daughter, a granddaughter, and a grandson. They survive on scanty means since the breadwinner, the deacon's only son, has been missing for many years.

Aunt Hetty: The deadon's elderly sister is a mainstay who knows everything about everyone far and wide-and their history.

Stella Boston: The deacons's daughter, a sweet and motherly soul, has one child, a girl.

Joanna: Stella's child,a weak, sickly lass, falls in love with an unworthy man.

Graham Richmond: A wealthy friend and businessman, he sends his daughter with a generous allowance to the Marlows, removing her from her prideful grandmother.

Vessie: She is Mr. Richmond's young daughter.

Willy Dexter: A sly, dishonest cousin from the city tries to undermine the love of the deacon's grandson.

Joseph: The deacon's grandson is determined to find his lost father and erase the shame from the family name...and win his true love.

Seth Marlow: The deacon's only son, convicted of a crime, skips bail and disappears. Will he ever be found? Is he dead or alive?