Treasures from an Old Book

by Lorin Bradbury
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The book of Proverbs is power packed with wisdom that will guide God’s people in daily living and is widely recognized as a source of sound, practical wisdom. It’s a rich fountain of profound but simple insight.

In Volume 1 of Treasures from an Old Book, author Lorin Bradbury, Ph.D. addresses every verse of the first nine chapters of the book of Proverbs in a series of fifty-one unique lessons. He draws upon more than forty years of pastoral experience, making practical applications throughout each lesson to encourage the Christian needing a word of inspiration and to provide insight and application for a busy pastor teaching on these timeless truths.

Ranging from establishing a sure foundation on the word of God, to fear of the Lord, to parental instruction, to warnings against enticement from the world, Bradbury shows that a study in Proverbs has the potential to improve how you relate to your children, spouse, neighbors, and coworkers, and most importantly, how you relate to God.