To the End of the Earth

by David K. Bernard
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On a trip to El Salvador in 1986, in the middle of that nation’s civil war, David K. Bernard remarked that “if the Howells could have faith to live there all year, then I could have faith to visit for one week.” That mind-set of quiet, unwavering faith despite adversity is a chief characteristic of Bernard’s missionary travels. From the time he was caught behind the Iron Curtain with illegal copies of his theological works translated into Bulgarian to the numerous trips to “forbidden territory” (nations that imprison or even execute people caught illegally promoting Christian faith), the stories in this book convey a glimpse of the many dangers faced every day by missionaries around the world. After reading this book, you will be challenged and inspired to support missions by praying, giving, and going, all with the cause of bringing the whole gospel to the whole world by the whole church.