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To Change Classes

by LaJoyce Martin
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Hulda Dunsworth, a drudge from a ling line of household menials, chafes at the life's unfairness. Why should she scrub pans, mop floors, and empty chamber pots for a lifetime? Why should there be 'classes' at all?

Determined to raise herself from her low-bred, low-born status and become somebody, she goes to drastic means to accomplish her goal. she must see that her beautiful granddaughter, Maggie, has a better future.

For nineteen years-years which burden Hulda's sould and almost break her mind-she lives with her great sin, harboring a dreadful secret. Then an occasion arises that convinces her she must reveal the shocking truth which is sure to shatter three lives.

And all this for the sake of changing classes...

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