To Be Continued - Forward - Volume 2

by Youth Ministries
Word Aflame Press
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'Forward' contains 12 comprehensive lessons dealing with spiritual disciplines, core doctrine and life mission and is designed to function as a Discipleship Course for teens and young adults. While the lessons in 'Follow' (To Be Continued Vol. #1) help initiate ones journey toward Jesus, 'Forward' (To Be Continued Vol. #2) gets you moving in the right direction.

Lesson Titles:

Lesson #1 PRAYER: The Necessity of Prayer
Lesson #2 THE WORD of GOD: The Foundation
Lesson #3 WORSHIP: The Reason for Being
Lesson #4 STEWARDSHIP: The Management of God's Resources
Lesson #5 THE GODHEAD: The Revelation of God
Lesson #7 HOLINESS: The 'New Born' Apostolic Identity
Lesson #8 ABSOLUTES: The Essentiality of Truth
Lesson #9 CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: The Connection
Lesson #10 PASSIONATE PURITY: The Pursuit of a Pure Heart and Mind
Lesson #11 SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY: The Power of Submission
Lesson #12 MISSION: What You Were Reborn to Do

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