Through the Eyes of Mercy

by Pam Vaughn
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Hope, though often understated, is one of the most powerful gifts that can be offered to someone who is confused and hurting. Hope can be sung about and talked about without really being communicated. True hope will empower the hurting individual to make needed changes in their life. It does not condone sin or wrong choices, but neither does it condemn or look down on others. Hope simply offers understanding and encouragement, creating an atmosphere for positive change and to receive the blessing of the Lord’s deliverance.

In this book, with great courage and grace, Pam Vaughn brings a message of hope to those who hurt. She has walked the path of which she speaks and has emerged victorious. She has come through on the other side with a changed heart and a new identity in Christ. She has been delivered and redeemed and with joy offers the reader the opportunity to realize that God’s love can reach everyone. As you read, may you catch the vision.