Though He Slay Me: My Pain for his Purpose

by Taylor Frankford
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What do you do when it looks like your world is about to fall apart?

What happens when the thing you dread the most is happening to you?

And what do you do when it seems the God you love has deserted you?

When Taylor Frankford was diagnosed with breast cancer just twelve weeks after giving birth to her youngest son, it seemed like her word was about to fall to pieces and everything she had worked so hard to achieve was for nothing. Worse than that, the God that she had followed and trusted her entire life had gone missing, just at her bleakest point and just when she needed Him most.

Taylor had questioned God in the past and had experienced moments of uncertainty before but had always found that her faith was stronger. This, however, was something new and frightening. And now it was going to take every ounce of faith she could summon and every life lesson she had ever learned to survive so that she could be there for her little family.

Though He Slay Me is Taylor’s story of faith and her own testament to the goodness of God. It may not be dissimilar to other stories of faith but it is unique to her and is a powerful message to anyone who has ever doubted their faith, that at the worst moment of their life they can be sure that God is still there, even if it seems like He isn’t.

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