They Probably Told Me But I Wasn't Listening (eBook)

by J. Mark Jordan
Word Aflame Press
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Despite all of our technological advances, the proliferation of educational institutions, and our increased scientific insight into the learning processes, experience is still the best teacher. Experience teaches one to read between the lines, to learn the exceptions to the rules, and to ask the questions that strike at the heart of a matter. These nuggets of knowledge may be simulated in classrooms, but the only way the lessons may be effectively communicated is for the student to go through the raw experience in an actual, personal way. The author shares his own personal experiences and consequential wisdom with today's young ministers. Covering topics such as 'The Evolution of a Minister,' 'Pastoring in the Twenty-First Century,' and 'What Will You Do When You Stop Pastoring?' this book is excellent guide to all who are willing to listen.