The Wonders of the Snow

by Ken Gurley
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Since the best preaching is timely preaching, the time for sharing is while we are alive. Perhaps, that is why I’m sharing selected sermon notes with you. These are not really my sermons. Oh, they’re not plagiarized or copied from others, yet, there is a very real understanding on my part that I’m just a gleaner. I’ve gleaned from the preaching and insights of others. I hope you glean from these sermons as well.” –Ken Gurley

The Wonders of the Snow is a collection of twenty-six sermons by Pastor Ken Gurley. These are the notes he brought to the pulpit when he preached these messages, along with a brief introduction to the content and setting. This book is the eighth volume in his series Preaching for a New Millennium. The content of these messages is as timely today as when they were first preached. Whether you are a preacher or a teacher looking for content to augment your ministry or you’re a diligent student of the Word, you will surely be inspired by the unforgettable illustrations and consummate oratory of one of Pentecost’s greatest preachers.