The Truth About Succeeding In Ministry Transitions

by Robert Mitchell
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Change happens. Even to ministers and their families. And to the churches they lead.

In some cases, it’s an older minister who needs to step back from the heavy load of pastoral responsibility. Sometimes it’s a younger minister, stepping into a bigger ministry responsibility. And, always, with all ministerial transitions, change also happens to the people who are ministered to, by those leaders.

What’s the best way to manage those changes? The Truth About Succeeding in Ministry Transitions addresses the behind-the-scenes, nuts-and-bolts practicalities that will help all parties to thrive through ministry transitions, by exploring:

  • What the Bible says about ministerial transitions
  • How to manage the timing of a ministerial transition
  • What to learn from the transition experiences of others
  • The legal and tax implications of ministerial transitions
  • The challenges that may arise and how to minimize them

The truth is, God’s plan has always included transitions; it’s a vital part of the advancement of His kingdom. It’s so important to get those transitions right!