The Trinitarian Controversy in the Fourth Century (eBook)

by David K. Bernard
Word Aflame Press
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This book discusses the doctrine of God in Christendom during the fourth century A.D. It has two main purposes (1) to trace the development of trinitarianism and (2) to find and evaluate evidence for Oneness beliefs during this time.

The Trinitarian Controversy in the Fourth Century is a sequel to Oneness and Trinity, A.D. 100-300 by David K. Bernard, which Word Aflame Press published in 1991. It relies upon the evidence in that book regarding the doctrinal beliefs and developments of the second and third centuries.

This book is an expansion of a paper given at the 1992 Symposium on Oneness Pentecostalism on January 9, 1992, in St. Louis, Missouri, entitled “From Nicea to Constantinople: The Trinitarian Controversy in the Fourth Century.” Because of the nature of the subject matter and the original forum of its presentation, some of the terms in this book are technical and specialized. To assist the reader’s understanding, a glossary has been included.