The Ten Greatest Prayers of the Bible

by Benjamin L. Reynolds
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The Ten Greatest Prayer of the Bible explores the intersection between ordinary and great prayers. Featuring actual prayers from biblical heroes such as Solomon, Hezekiah, Jesus and many others, this book shows you how to pray and achieve results from God the way that spiritual giants of the Bible did. In this book, you will:
• Learn why profound vocabularies and long speeches are not necessary in order to achieve miraculous results
• Learn how spoken and unspoken prayers can unlock healing, miracles and great blessings
• Learn how to pray and receive what you ask from God and more!
• Examine what roles faith, humility, brokenness and willingness to struggle play in getting your prayers answered

This Thorough study of the Bible's greatest prayers reveals astounding truths about prayer reveals how to actually get miraculous results. By the time you finish this book, your old notions will be replaced by the reality of how real people prayed and achieved tremendous results. Prepare to move beyond rituals and learn how to shake heaven and earth as you pray the way great people of the Bible did.