The Tabernacle Shadow of Salvation (eBook)

by Bill Paramore
Word Aflame Press
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God has a plan! He has always had a specific purpose and design for His people. When the people of Jacob’s family began their journey to become the nation of Israel, God had a plan. He had a man to lead them, and He had a course already laid out for them to follow.
He also had a minutely detailed plan for how they would live their lives, and especially how they would worship Him. This was the first time that God had given such specific instructions to anyone about building something, but His Tabernacle had to be according to His foreordained will, and it also had to be a shadow of His future plans. God had a plan!
The study of the Tabernacle has long been one of much interest and importance to God’s people even today. It is vital that they realize how much emphasis God places on following His instructions to the letter—especially when it concerns worship and living for Him.