The Spiritually Healthy Leader

by Eugene Wilson,Matthew Mullins
Word Aflame Press
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A leader's spiritual well-being impacts the effectiveness of the ministry; this is true whether it's behind the pulpit of a church or a desk in a business. The lives of others, such as a leader's family and those he or she leads, are also affected. The not-so-good news concerning being spiritually healthy is this: no leader is perfect or complete. The good news, however, is that a person can grow.

The legacy of a great leader is faithfulness and focus. A spiritually healthy leader is faithful to the doctrine, the Word of God, and the calling. This book covers these important issues and more. I encourage you to read it. Don't just skim over its pages; instead, let it move you to dig deeper. Study the areas in which it challenges you. In doing so, you will grow.