The Rose of Sharon (eBook)

by Lori Wagner
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She thought she knew what to expect from life ... then Zion arrived. Rosalie Johnson, a sensitive young woman with a healing touch, knows the pain of loss. Spurned by her first love after her mother's passing, Rosalie finds purpose and comfort in caring for her family. When Zion Coldwell arrives in Kentucky, a flurry of feelings quickens in Rosalie. Drawn to gentle Rosalie, who is reluctant to put her heart once more on the line, Zion pledges his love and to return to Rosalie in the Spring. In the midst of their fledgling romance, warnings niggle in both Zion and Rosalie. Their concerns prove true when two conmen wreak havoc on Zion's trip west and keep him from returning when promised. Will Rosalie ever find a love that will be true? A tender story of healing, love, and faith in an early Kentucky settlement.