The Road to Life

by Beth Marie Evans
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Are you looking for answers to the trials of life?

You can’t always avoid the bumps, potholes, and unexpected detours on this road called life.

I wrote this book to provide answers for the weary traveler.

Through living testimonies, I share how a relationship with God and a consistent prayer life can produce the miraculous in your life.

Do you struggle with faith when your prayers seem to go unanswered? How about your finances, are they a pain point for you? Well, join the club. They were for me too! Until . . .

Now, let me ask, have you suffered from abuse, experienced rejection, or incurred loss? Do you have children who are lost or backslidden? If you answered “yes,” then within the pages of this book you will find testimonies that will free you from the pain of the past and release you to forgive and live again!

You will read about my journey. A journey that is packed with hope through testimonies of God’s provision against all odds. Included are stories of angelic visitations that inspire faith to believe that with God ALL things are possible.

Reading this book will help equip and empower you to overcome anything you encounter throughout your life.