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The Old Hermit

by LaJoyce Martin
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Ted Norton, supporting his poor, widowed mother, is looked down upon by the arrogant son of his employer, who owns the local manufacturing company. As provider of the family, he makes fifty cents a day. Then, because of a brave and honorable deed, he finds himself in the bad graces of Stuart, the boss's cold-hearted son, who gets him dismissed from his job.

But Ted, in his kindness, befriends old Anthony, a lonely hermit who lives in a shack in the woods. He, too, is ostracized by the community and is tormented as well by an unprincipled and greedy nephew.

Old Anthony sends young Ted on a mission that we all hope is successful. If so, it will bring happiness and healing to all the true hearts concerned, and a measure of justice to the haughty naysayers!