The Life of Joy Haney

by Stephenie Haney Montes
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This book, WHO IS JOY HANEY? will inspire and change your life for the better. It is interesting, motivating, and informative. You will want to read and take a peek into the private life of Joy Haney through letters, cards and stories.

“To our beloved Sister Haney, thank you for being willing to spend yourself. Only God Himself can know the extent of her ministry.” – Linda Gleason, UPCI Ladies Ministry President

“Joy Haney is a powerful woman of God. Her anointed speaking & writing will change your life forever. Because of Joy Haney’s life and work, our hold on this planet has increased.” – Vesta Mangun, Speaker, prayer warrior, singer

“In the words of the late T. W. Barnes, ‘Joy Haney is one of the most spiritual woman I have ever known.’ What an influence in this present world!” – Rev. Lee Stoneking, Worldwide Evangelist

“This regal lady with the well-worn leather Book taight me something I have never forgotten. I saw firsthand a woman of the Word. One Woman! One Bible! Powerful beyond description!” – Mickey Mangun, Pastor’s wife, speaker, and singer

“Sister Haney is truly one of the most Godly woman I have come in contact with during her lifetime. She has been a true role model to pattern my life after.” – Stephany Parkey, Pastor’s wife, speaker, and singer