The Joy Bucket - Your Bucket List for Life

by David Myers
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The quest for Joy is indisputable. The well-wishes of Joy are abundant. The challenge is, how do we embrace Joy? How do we make joyful living a part of our lifestyle? How do we wrap our arms around what is routinely considered a feeling or emotion? Joy flows from something deeper than circumstances. Joy flows from a well within. Joy is the bucket that brings salvation from eternal wells to our individual lives! The wells that God gives us to draw from with our Joy bucket are wells that are a renewable resource. We don’t need a new well. We don’t need a new source. We just need to re-dig, re-draw, and re-dip with our bucket of Joy.

Sorrow has a shelf life. Joy does not.

Joy is not born in the halls of prosperity, Joy is born in the halls of hospitals when people begin to turn their fears into praise. Joy is born in the homes of desperation. In the ruins of broken dreams where a man or woman dare to lift up heavy hands and turn their eyes toward Jesus.

Are you in trouble? Are you going through a trial? If so, you have a Joy opportunity! Send the bucket down the well and know that through hope you will rejoice! Your bucket is your life. Regardless of whether your bucket is full or empty, the following pages are intended to give your bucket more than just a list of things you would like to do before you die. Life is about finding Joy in the journey.

This book intends to give your bucket a list of Joyful pursuits and a reason to live life to the fullest.