The Glitter Effect

by Jacy Lee Pulford
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Have you ever spilled glitter? It’s almost impossible to get every speck back into the bottle. It’s beautiful but messy if we’re careless. Our influence is like glitter. What we say and do can affect other people. This modern world is saying if we feel something is right, we don’t have to worry about the repercussions but the Bible speaks about the deceitfulness of the heart. We’ve found comfort in entertainment and technology. Social media satisfies us. Netflix pacifies us. And God is calling us up to change that. In Luke, a rich ruler asks Jesus about eternal life. Jesus tells him to give up his comfortable lifestyle and the man becomes full of sorrow. The price was too much to pay. I feel like God is asking us that now. Give up what is comfortable and follow me. Make the right choices to leave a richer legacy. The question is, will you?