The First Rainbow

by Jordon P. Frye
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"The First Rainbow" is a beautiful children's picture book that tells the story of God's promise through the first rainbow.

A Great Story: This book tells the story of Noah, a big boat called the Ark, and a colorful rainbow that showed God's promise. With fun rhymes and bright pictures, kids will want to read it again and again. Don't be surprised when your littles ask for the "bow" book!

Learning and Fun: Along with the fun story and bright illustrations, kids will learn about trust, hope, and how special God's promises are. And who doesn't love a beautiful rainbow?

Teachings from the Bible: In a confused world, this book helps kids understand the Biblical meaning of the rainbow. It's all about God's love and how we can trust His Word.

Bright and Engaging Pictures: Kids will love the colorful pictures in this book. They bring the story to life and show the wondrous awe of the rainbow.

Good for Many Occasions: This book is perfect for bedtime, during playtime, or even for group reading at school or church. It also makes a sweet gift for baby showers and dedications!

Take kids on a fun trip with Noah and see the first-ever rainbow. "The First Rainbow" is a book they'll enjoy and remember. It's a simple, lovely story about God's love and promises. Perfect for all little readers!