The Fearless Woman

by Stephenie Haney Montes
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We are in a constant battle in the mind, and are what we feed upon! This journey we are on is filled with the ups and downs, success and pain. This book will teach its readers how to stand up to their fears, and how to become vigilant, prayerful, brave, bold, focused, and rooted, while facing the difficult challenges that come to us all. Stephenie writes about some of her own experiences that challenged her faith, tested her roots, and how prayer has become her stable place.

Each page will give you an opportunity to face the THING that holds you back from moving forward! This book is filled with principles that can turn a negative life into a positive life. Fear comes to us all, but in order to be fearless, we must put one foot in front of the other, and forge ahead and refuse to cower to the enemy’s tactics that try to cripple our faith.