The Eleventh Hour

by LaJoyce Martin
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Twenty-nine-year-old Lorinda Casper is the brunt of jokes and taunting in the sizable Casper/Ferguson clan due to her spinsterhood. Never has she had a male caller, and she scarcely expects one now.

Therefore, she dreads celebrations, reunions, and birthday parties, where she is sure to be maligned by insensitive kinfolk. She is riddled by fear, intimidation, and shame.

Then she reads a book-a nature book about trees, flowers, and forest creatures-the only literature she is permitted to check from the local library. It changes her life. She loses her fear and decides to 'live' for the time she has left on earth.

Facing much opposition, she chooses to sacrifice her future, reputation, and approval of her family to fine 'purpose.' And her life turns out much differently than the dire predictions made by the entire Casper clan.

Don't sit up until the 'eleventh hour' reading Lorinda's story, but the author does hope you will find something purposeful herein.