The Christian Leader Blueprint

by Ryan Franklin
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Find your rhythm as an influential Christian leader with this proven blueprint to personal growth.

Christian leaders today are struggling to find clarity in an ever changing and confusing world. With overwhelming chaos and stress, it can be difficult to center on the right vision for their lives. To realign with their God-given purpose and reclaim their joy in leading, a proven framework is needed.

It takes work and faith, but it can be simple to approach—influential leaders can make significant progress when they start with their own personal growth.

Pastor Ryan Franklin spent years of self-discovery through executive coaching—with the Bible as his guiding blueprint—and learned that effective leadership comes from four major pillars of growth. His method reveals how to establish a better rhythm of life, see yourself more clearly, leverage your strengths, and build more productive relationships. This book provides practical wisdom and guidelines backed by scripture. Including deep, thought-provoking questions to inspire you to evaluate your life through 16 areas of self-study, this is your complete guide to become the influential Christian leader you were made to be.

You’ll discover:
  • A solid rhythm of work, rest, play, and worship to care for yourself when chaos comes
  • Five tools to get personally organized, making you a healthier and more productive leader
  • A greater understanding and development of emotional intelligence
  • Effective communication & listening skills, resulting in increased social intelligence
  • Four steps to overcoming insecurities in order to cultivate healthy relationships within the church and community
  • The 10 greatest weaknesses that kill influence and how to soften them to be the leader you were meant to be
Learn to love your ministry or leadership role again as you develop yourself and experience greater success. The Christian Leader Blueprint is a life-changing model that will propel you to a new level of leadership influence—something you have longed to have.