The Anointed Heir

by Janice Broyles
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King Saul is dead, but David's path to the throne will be anything but easy.

The Anointed Heir, the final chapter of the David Saga, David and his men head home to lead the Hebrew people. Only they are not wanted. Ishbosheth has taken the throne, and he is keeping King Saul's edicts. This means David is still not welcomed in Israel. Judah is the only tribe who sees David as the rightful king.

Michal mourns the death of her father and brothers and is torn between staying with Paltiel or living with David, the new King of Judah. At first, Michal gives up any hope of reconciliation. Until men come for her. Until she is face-to-face with David, her husband who abandoned her.

Two lives separated by conflict and circumstances must learn to live together again. But time changes things, and they are not who they once were.
Read the exciting, final chapter to this three book series!