The 3 Cords of Apostolic Leadership

by Amy Olson,Chris Olson
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Inspire and challenge your ministry leaders and significantly improve the impact of your church administration with this thorough study of leadership and organizational development. Experienced church leaders Amy and Chris Olson present a realistic approach to help you build a team with powerful direction.

The 3 Cords of Apostolic Leadership addresses three central aspects of church leadership:

    • Spiritual disciplines upon which apostolic leadership is built
    • Leadership practices, with in-depth models of servant leadership and transformational leadership
    • Innovation, outreach, and team-building practices to improve the community aspect of your church

Whether you’re new to church leadership or you’re looking to improve a long-standing institution, you will gain clarity in how to empower every aspect of your church. From its spiritual core to the outer community, your church will grow from the inside out.