That's Just the Way it Works

by Ronald E. Lovins
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Questions, questions, questions. Is there no end to the questions?

Answers can be obtained, but only when we ask the one who knows-that, of course, is God. God's word is a treasure of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, all of which belong to, and proceed from him.

Having questions of his own, teacher and author Ronald Lovins looked not only into what the Bible says, but why. His findings resulted in a unique, practical guide regarding God's wisdom, how the world works, and how we can best instill this knowledge into our lives.

Are the natural and spiritual lives of humans separate or intertwined?

What is the basis of the inner conflicts we experience?

How can we become overcomers of sin in our lives?

What is the difference between judgment and consequences? A promise and a principle?

Is wisdom enough or do we need God's grace to live successfully?

How can we understand how life works?

Lovins examined and answered these questions and more to the best of his human knowledge, revealing that when we study these answers and learn how God intended for His creation to work, we are more able to order our lives in a way that creates a flow of blessings only God can provide.