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Survey of the New Testament - Overseas Ministries (eBook)

by Darline Kantola Royer,Dorsey L. Burk
Word Aflame Press
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Survey of the New Testament is a brief overview of each book of the New Testament. It is intended for Bible school teachers, leaders of Bible study groups, Bible school students, and other serious students of the Word of God. Survey of the New Testament and its companion, Survey of the Old Testament, will give solid help in understanding selected books of the Old and New Testaments. These two books certainly not intended to be exhaustive commentaries.

For each book there is helpful introduction discussing various subjects such as the authorship, date, purpose, and giving of explanations and views set forth throughout the years. Each unit in the book is carefully examined and unfolded under the headings and subheadings of a unifying outline. Challenges are faced courageously and the meaning of each is explained with the hope that lessons for our day can be extracted and applied. Survey of the Old Testament and Survey of the New Testament are not meant to deal with a lot of details, but with the main facts of each book and the content thereof.