Suprised by God With Pancreatic Cancer

by Susan D. Smith
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“Don't tell me about a God who can't. Let me tell you about a God who can! He has, and He will!” —Susan D. Smith
This is the story of how God carried Susan through cancer to total remission. This is not a preachy self-help book or a tidy little novel. You are about to read the honest blogs of a regular believer who lived through some gut-wrenching tribulations. These journal entries reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly. Above it all, the unifying thread is the amazing grace and wonderful help of our great Savior and God—the Lord Jesus Christ.
About the Author: Susan D. Smith is not only an accomplished professional woman (a well-educated corporate officer in high level management) but also she managed to balance her roles as wife and mother of two. Yet even as a dedicated person of faith, what she never saw coming was the highly effective killer known as pancreatic cancer. In the victory she now enjoys, she has realized it was not the cancer that surprised her; it was God! Buckle up for the ride.