by Cylinda Nickel
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From her childhood in the Caribbean Islands... her time at Indiana Bible College and her many years working with MK Ministries, a 3-strand, golden thread has been woven into Cylinda’s life. Those 3 strands: a global vision, compassion for others and a passion for changing the world.

A ruptured brain aneurysm was the 
Suddenly moment that drastically changed her life. She recovered fully, by the hand of God, through the prayers of a global community and to the amazement of many medical professionals.

Suddenly walks you through the lead-up to August 11, 2017; the prophetic hints as well as a necessary, pre-miracle healing. It also walks you, with the family, through days of challenge, days of uncertainty and, eventually, days of victory.

Cylinda continues to weave with the same golden thread, but as a result of her 
Suddenly, it’s now strengthened with testimony of the miraculous.

We all have 
Suddenly moments that God brings us to, and God brings us throughSometimes, when we feel like we’re hanging onto life by a single thread, we may just find that the thread is golden and spun by the Master.