Standing Strong In the Storm

by Carl McLaughin
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Roman rule was like an iron fist attempting to crush Christians and stop the early church from succeeding. The high seas of Christendom were replete with the violent waves of false teachers, gross immorality, cruel oppression, and a denial of Jesus Christ as God in flesh. Like a lighthouse amidst the storm, Peter stands strong as he champions the truth. He courageously points to a day in which all wickedness will bow to the blood-washed saints. His first letter concerns the suffering of the saints; the second letter is concerned with the seduction of the saints. The first letter is an attack from the outside. The second letter is an attack from the inside. The church could not be destroyed by fiery trials, so the enemy attacks with false teaching. Peter's first letter is to comfort; the second letter is to caution. He encourages the church to make it through this world in his first letter. The second letter is about getting out of this world. A great and dire responsibility is placed upon the shoulders of the 21st century church. Crumbling under pressure and catering to false teaching is not an option. Thus, doctrinal rays of light must shine from every pulpit offering hope in a postmodern storm. Leaders and laity alike were sinking and Peter bravely challenged the church of all times to stand strong in the storm.