Spiritual Gifts

by David K. Bernard
Word Aflame Press
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The apostle Paul was emphatic that the New Testament church be familiar with and actively exercise the gifts of the Spirit. Combining scriptural analysis with contemporary examples, David K. Bernard describes the supernatural spiritual gifts of revelation, power, and utterance that God has granted His church. He draws from numerous personal experiences in church planting and overseas missions on five continents, as well as years of biblical study, to paint a vivid portrait of the spiritual gifts of I Corinthians 12. Bernard explains, 'Every Spirit-filled person can potentially exercise any of the spiritual gifts as God wills and enables, and God intends for them to operate within every local body of believers.' He challenges, 'Let us allow God's Spirit to flow through us, and let us exercise simple faith to receive God's miraculous gifts.' You will be both enlightened and inspired as you read biblical and modern accounts of the gifts of the Spirit.