Seeing Jesus

by Daniel Koren
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A whole new world becomes visible inside a virtual-reality headset. Depending on the adventure, you could look into the night sky or walk through a rain forest, seeing things no one else around you sees. More than a VR experience, you are on a spiritual-reality adventure. 

What do you see about Jesus? Have you seen Him only through stained glass and stuffy lectures? Do you want to enter the wide-eyed adventure of a new reality? 

If you are new to the idea of who Jesus is or you are just tired of Him being buried under steeples and religious lingo, this book is for you. Do you want to be excited about life again? Do you want to understand how Jesus is actively involved in your day, your goals, and your future? 

The short chapters in this book will provide you daily inspiration and transformation for a whole month. Just as natural eyes should open daily, spiritual eyes must also see Him more and more. If your heart longs for Him, open this book and begin the adventure of Seeing Jesus.