Saved Bible Study

by Youth Ministries
Word Aflame Press
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What does it mean to be saved? There are countless opinions on this question, but where do you even begin? How do you start to find the answers to this larger-than-life question you have been asking? How do you know any of it is even true?

Our culture is hyper-focused on the idea that your reality, your truth, is determined by your thoughts and personal experiences. It tells us that there isn’t just one truth, but many that are all determined by how you interpret your experiences. Unfortunately, not everyone can be right and not every answer can be true. Deep down, we all understand that there must be one absolute truth.

That’s what God is offering. In a world that feels increasingly dark and confusing, God wants you to know that you can find answers and the truth you need in Him. You can know what it means to be saved and find peace and hope in a God who desires a one-on-one relationship with you. You can live your life confidently, knowing that God saved you.