Restoring Joy

by Elizabeth J. Davis
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In the midst of a chaotic world, it feels like true joy has been deleted from society. Our sin-darkened world is hungering for satisfaction in life. The good news is God is restoring joy in an unprecedented manner. How can we have peace? How can we enjoy life? What if our life is a mess? How can we live a fulfilled life? What robs us of joy? God wants all of us to have joy no matter what surrounds us.

Restoring Joy, you will discover the answers to these questions are found in God's Word, what joy is, and how to live a joyful life. You will learn what joy is and how to live a joyful life. This book guides you step by step through what it takes to have joy and how to maintain it. You will find ways to deepen your level of joy as well as its health benefits.

This book will walk you through high and low points in life. You may be tearful one moment and laughing the next! The awesome truth is there is joy for you like a springing fountain! And yet, there is calm cheerfulness that ripples from His Spirit within you. Yes, my friend, genuine joy is for you.

Join in the adventure of discovering joy in a way you have never experienced before. Join in as God begins to unleash His Kingdom of joy, righteousness, and peace in the Holy Ghost in this end time! If you embrace the principles from God's Word that are clearly presented in this book, there will be no limit to what God can do in your life.