Resources for Apostolic Leaders Kit

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Three books on leadership and ministry by General Superintendent David K. Bernard. Purchase them together and save 10%.

Spiritual Leadership in the Twenty-first Century
Spiritual Leadership in the Twenty-first Century provides a comprehensive introduction to spiritual leadership drawn from David K. Bernard’s extensive experience as a church planter, teacher, pastor, college and seminary president, and superintendent. Suited to preachers, pastors, or any leader in the local church, this book will be valuable as a training tool for those who are developing their ministry, a resource for those who are active in ministry, or as a general guide to exploring the possibility of a ministerial call.

The Apostolic Church in the Twenty-first Century
The Apostolic Church in the Twenty-First Century is a collection of articles and essays on the nature and mission of the church. Written in an accessible style, this book will help both ministers and laypersons understand how to live out their faith in the community we know as the church.

Growing a Church: Seven Apostolic Principles
Based on scriptural teachings and the author's personal experiences, this book discusses principles to church growth and provides practical examples and suggestions. The discussion applies to churches of various sizes, from daughter works and home missions efforts to assemblies with a regular attendance of over 500.