Rescue Lily

by LaJoyce Martin
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As in our saga about nine-year-old Lily, all life has its ups and its downs, its good characters and evil ones. Here a a few you will meet in this book.

Richard Shelton - the seventeen-year-old brother of Lily, who promised his dying mother that he would take care of his little sister.

Dexter Leech - The unscrupulous stepfather who is determined to keep Lily under his thumb and to subject her to his tyrannical demands.

Miss Manning - A seamstress with little means who befriends Richard and Lily and becomes a second mother to the motherless girl.

Mrs. Walters - a doting parent to who blames Lily for all her own daughter's misdeeds.

Janny - Mrs. Walter's very pampered daughter, who makes life miserable for Lily any way she can.

Ben - a shoeshine boy who assist Richard in a very important endeavor.

But life has its own way of evening the score,as Lily's story substantiates.