by Shannon Dorsey
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Shannon knows what it means to experience domestic violence. As a young adult, she spent years in a romantic relationship that was full of physical and emotional abuse. At age 22, Shannon left the abuse and gave her life to God. 

By His grace, God transformed Shannon and gave her a new life—one she could only dream of in her previous situation. 

In her testimonial book, Remade: A Life of Hope After Domestic Violence, Shannon shares her story starting in childhood, moving into her teenage years when she entered into the abusive relationship, her process of leaving the abuse, and her journey of transformation, to recent years. 

“In writing this book, I hope to reach others that have gone through or are going through the difficulties of domestic violence. There is a life after abuse, and though at times it seems hopeless, there is always a way out,” Shannon said. 

“There is a loving and caring God that hears your prayers and cries for help. You can have a better life and you’re worth is far above rubies, diamonds, or gold. 

“I hope that in opening up and sharing my testimony, others will see that there is so much more waiting for them. You deserve better and deserve to be truly loved.”