by David Myers
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We dream. We reach for the stars. Then, we experience an unexpected life event, perhaps an explosion that alters our path and forces us to reassess our goals. We desperately strive to get back to a safe place. To reenter a destiny of peace and purpose.

Starting with Apollo 11 in 1969, every Apollo mission was designed to get man to the moon. Every mission was successful, except Apollo 13. On April 13th, 1970, the Apollo 13 spacecraft experienced a devastating explosion in space. The Apollo 13 mission changed from putting man on the moon to getting man safely back to earth.

Against all odds the Apollo 13 mission reentered the earth’s atmosphere and made it safely back to earth. The journey back revealed 13 hidden gems, known to few people outside of NASA and Mission Control until now. The gems serve as a guide for how we can also find out way home after an explosion in life.

When tragedies, failures, and challenges impact our lives, ReEntry will provide stirring insights to light our path to hidden blessings, to inspire a stronger trust in God’s plan, and to safely guide us home.