Real Life Sanctuary: Teacher Manual (KPH)

by Kids Power Hour
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There is no better sanctuary, no safer place than in His presence. Real Life Sanctuary is a wildlife refuge that offers help and care for injured, sick, and orphaned animals. In addition to learning about wildlife, the children will learn about real life in Jesus. They will learn that God preserves, protects, and provides for His people. Noah found a sanctuary in the ark; the lepers found a sanctuary in the enemies' camp. Deborah and Jehoshaphat learned first-hand how God protects His children. The wedding guests at Cana and the ten lepers experienced God's provision. Your children will learn that the church is their sanctuary. It is time to get in the church!

Real Life Sanctuary
Décor: Wildlife Sanctuary
Character: Wildlife Ranger Pedro, assistant Dolores

Unit One:Preservation
Hour 1 A Sanctuary in the Flood (Noah Builds an Ark)
Hour 2 A Sanctuary in the Wilderness (David Seeks God’s Will)
Hour 3 A Sanctuary by the Brook (Elijah Waits on God)
Hour 4 A Sanctuary in the Enemies’ Camp (The Lepers Find Help)
Unit Two: Protection
Hour 5 Follow the Leader (Deborah Leads Israel to Victory)
Hour 6 Listen for the Right Sound (Israel Listens for God’s Signal)
Hour 7 Praise God for the Victory (Judah Goes to Battle with Strange Weapons)
Hour 8 Be Strong in the Lord (Hezekiah Prepares for Battle)
Unit Three: Provision
Hour 9 Jesus Provides for His Friends (The Wedding at Cana)
Hour 10 Jesus Restores Lives (The Ten Lepers)
Hour 11 Jesus Promises the Comforter (The Holy Ghost)
Hour 12 The Church Is Born (The Church)
Hour 13 Heaven Is Real (Heaven, Our Eternal Sanctuary)