Preachers, Churches, Saints and More

by J. Mark Jordan
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Is the pace of your life too fast to know what’s happening? Are you too busy taking care of things to pay attention to the road you’re traveling? If you’re inundated in church work, you will find something for you in Preachers, Churches, Saints . . . and More. J. Mark Jordan helps you to see ordinary things from a new perspective. His introduction explains why this is so vital: “The contemporary church must be on high alert. Our adversary has weaponized the most innocuous aspects of daily life, turning almost everything into a potential threat. Allies have become adversaries, traditional bastions of support have been transformed into insidious forces of evil, and the whole of Christianity approaches a Gladwellian tipping point. A feckless attitude toward the present predicament could not be more dangerous. It is time to focus, commit, stand strong and go proactive.” For those just out of the starting blocks, or those nearing the finish line, you may get exactly what you need to keep going and finish strong.